Now part of a newly formed BBC Studios, the business formerly known as BBC Worldwide is a wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

It exists to support the BBC’s public service mission and maximise profits on its behalf through creating and exploiting content around the world, building the reach and reputation of the BBC brand overseas and championing British creativity.

It is a major global investor in the creative industries, creating and broadcasting content made by the BBC and other companies for and through both BBC-branded and proprietary channels, merchandising and live events in local territories. It oversees major global BBC brands, including BBC Earth, Doctor Who and Top Gear.

The business operates on every major continent, with production bases in both North and South Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

All of its profits are re-invested back into the BBC, with the business delivering nearly £1bn over the last five years

Gender Pay:

In April 2017, UK legislation came into force whereby all companies with over 250 UK based employees were required to publish their gender pay gap data. You can find out more about our 2017 results, published in March 2018, along with the findings of a voluntary commissioned Equal Pay Audit and our Management Response detailing our commitment to addressing our gender pay gap below.




In 2016/17, BBC Worldwide generated

Headline Profits of £157.3m and

Headline Sales of £1,059.9m

and returned £210.5m to the BBC.

Annual Review 2015/16

Annual Review 2014/15