The business exists to support the BBC’s public service mission. We operate in a number of complementary ways to create premium content for audiences and in so doing to generate returns for the BBC and wider global creative industry.

We create high quality content across all genres for the BBC and for other broadcasters around the world. We also partner with other companies – producers, broadcasters, channel owners – to fund, acquire stakes or provide development support for both independent and BBC productions. And we commercialise programme and format sales, original channel commissions, formats and original content production, BBC branded services and other IP exploitation, including across social media.

As a result, we are able to deliver returns to rightsholders. These can be financial, through royalties or profits, and reputational, in helping to create successful and popular content which in turn generates awareness of the BBC or our creative partners.

All of these benefits, along with the cash dividends, are returned to the BBC and support the investment in content enjoyed by the BBC’s licence fee payers. The success of BBC Worldwide enables the business to deepen its partnerships and investment in content alike.


We believe that we must act responsibly, with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and industry best practice when delivering our strategy. This commitment is reflected in our Ethical Policy and Anti-Fraud and Corruption Code of Conduct.